58110 is the zip code of Cuy, Chougny in the department of the Nièvre, France; the place where I, Peter Baas, live and from where I operate.

I ‘am’ Bureau 58110.

I am a hands-on advisor & sparring partners and co-direct strategic development programmes: I make ambitions explicit and tangible; I supply new perspectives and alternatives and I co-produce the actual transition towards the new and desired reality.

My major contribution in these change trajectories consists of process steering and facilitation, coaching management & staff, building bridges between different sectors and actors and co-directing the implementation of the operational plans and strategies.

The last few years, I deliver my services primarily as a dedicated and “embedded” consultant in major and rigorous change trajectories, in which mainly NGO’s and membership organisations have to reinvent themselves sucessfully without losing their original values, engagement and passion.